Draw Infomation

The group draw of the Amputee Football World Cup to be hosted by Türkiye was held on 30th of July, 2022 in Riva, İstanbul

World Cup Coordinator and TBESF Board Member Dr. Ferhat Esatbeyoğlu moderated the draw. The draw was attended by Turkish Disabled Sports Federation President Muaz Ergezen, TFF Deputy President and Disabled Federations Officer Yusuf Günay, TFF Deputy President Nüket Küçükel Ezberci, TFF Board Members İdil Karademirlidağ Suher, Murat Şahin, General Secretary Kadir Kardaş, World Amputee Football Federation President Arif Ümit Uztürk, Turkish National Team Coach Stefan Kuntz, Amputee Football National Team coach Osman Çakmak, Turkish National Team Assistant Coach Kenan Koçak, European Amputee Football Federation President Mateusz Widlak and representatives of participating countries from the World Cup.

According to draw, the opening match will be between Türkiye and France on September 30. A total of 80 matches will be played in the World Cup. After the elimination matches of the last 16 teams, the winner of the 2022 World Cup will be determined with the final match to be played on 9th of October 2022.

Yusuf Günay: "We have become the amputee football center of Europe"

TFF Deputy Chairman and Disabled Federations Officer Yusuf Günay stated that amputee football is attracting more and more attention in the world with each day and said, "We have come to the point where we have a say in this sport, in which we are always an assertive country, with the European championship we won twice and the second place in the world. At the same time with the organizations we host, we have become the amputee football center of Europe. Istanbul will host the World Cup finals after the European Amputee Football Championship in 2017. We will experience the happiness of hosting 24 countries from 5 continents on September 30-October 9. 80 matches are waiting for us to watch and enjoy. All I believe that the participating athletes, managers and members of the media from many countries of the world will leave Istanbul with admiration and good memories. We want to show our guests Turkish hospitality in the best way possible."

Muaz Ergezen: "The only thing we lack in our museum is the World Cup"

Turkish Disabled Sports Federation President Muaz Ergezen stated that All participants were witnessed a very exciting and happy day.

President Ergezen: "Our country is far ahead of the world in terms of opportunities offered to physically disabled individuals in terms of sport. Thanks to our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the opportunities we offer to our physically disabled sports branches are very wide. As a result of structural reforms and our improving infrastructure, our successes come one by one. The only thing we lack in our museum is the World Cup. We would like to express our gratitude by winning this trophy for our country. We would like to thank our Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu, the valuable managers of the TFF and our valuable sponsors and invite all our citizens to support us in the matches we will play."

Arif Ümit Uztürk: "I wish success to all participating countries"

President of the World Amputee Football Federation, Arif Ümit Uztürk, said, "We have gathered for the draw of the World Cup, which we took to Turkey at the request of our President. TFF, which provided us with all kinds of support for a total of 80 matches that will start with the Turkey match on September 30th. I would like to express my gratitude to the Honorable President and the valuable members of the Board of Directors. I wish success to all the athletes, coaches, referees and other officials who will participate in this very special organization, which I believe will start with a fair play understanding and continue in the same way."

According to draw results are as follows;

Group A: Turkey, Haiti, France, Liberia

Group B: Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Germany

Group C: England, Argentina, USA, Indonesia

Group D: Brazil, Ireland, Iran, Morocco

Group E: Poland, Spain, Uzbekistan, Tanzania

Group F: Angola, Italy, Uruguay, Iraq