Special support for Angola team!

During today's game Angola - Italy (7:0) we hosted a special guest in the stands, Miss Universe Angola 2022, Swelia Da Silva Antonio!

No fan at the stadium could have missed this woman who had come to support Angola team
"I am very excited, it is a beautiful experience to see people breaking their weaknesses, their barriers, despite the amputation of a leg or arm, it does not limit them, and it is beautiful to show people around the world that you can successfully do many things and represent your country, I am very proud of them.

I am here especially to support our team, I brought a lot of luck with me, I have my flag, I have my hat and I want to pass on as much energy as possible to them, together we represent one country, Angola.

I am the current miss universe in Angola, I will compete in the international miss universe competition on January 14th 2023, which is planning to win, these are plans for the near future. In 2011 we already knew Miss Universe from Angola Leila Lopes, we are very proud of her because she also represents our country, we would like this title to come back to us"

If you would like to write more about this wonderful woman, we invite you to her social media, you will find there about her wonderful social project! Click Here
Interviewed by Łukasz Matusik