We got to know the pairs of the 1/16!

We got to know the pairs of the 1/16!

We finished the group stage of the Amputee World Cup yesterday.

The biggest surprise of the group stage is the fourth place of the current vice-mission from Europe-Spain, players in the Iberian Peninsula did not even manage to score in this phase of the tournament.

Another surprise is the fourth place in the group of the Uruguayan team, which was placed as the black horse of the tournament.

The fun will begin for the 16 teams that qualified for the next phase of the tournament!

We are going to have many interesting games!


12:00 Argentina - Morocco

14:00 Uzbekistan - Colombia

14:00 Ir Iran - Italy

14:00 Angola - England

16:00 Haiti - USA

16:00 Brazil - Poland

16:00 Japan - Tanzania

20:00 Turkiye - Mexico

Today is a day of rest, tomorrow we are back games!