An amazing day is behind us!

An amazing day is behind us!

Not one fan watching today's competition on the pitch in Riva could catch his heart, there was no shortage of emotions today. There were goals, extra time, penalties, tears of happiness and sorrow.

We would like to remind you that the teams that did not qualify for the 1/16 final are fighting for places 17-24.

Among the morning matches, the one between Ireland and Uruguay brought the most emotions. After the regulation and extra time we had a 1-1 draw, so the result of the game had to be decided by penalty kicks! The islanders kept their peace of mind by winning the 4: 3 penalty shootout competition.

The matches in group 1/16 also provided us with many emotions and surprises.

The biggest of them seems to be the first ever promotion of the Italians to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the promotion in the last second of the meeting was ensured by Lorenzo Marcantognini. Finally, Italy won with Iran 1-0.

Another surprise can be called the loss of the Polish national team, the third team of the last European championship, with the Brazil national team 1: 2.
"Tomorrow, the fans promise you, we will go out and fight for the best place, because you deserve it. The whole team will also want to prove to themselves and to everyone that we can fight. If not for the first place, then for the highest possible place in this tournament" - after the match, the captain of the Polish national team - Przemysław Świercz said.

God bless ... Haiti, you might say after the game between Haiti and the USA. With 50 minutes of even play, the score was 2: 2, so we needed an additional 20 minutes to settle the game, which was better used by the Haitians, who managed to beat the US goalkeeper four times in overtime. Thus, Haiti succumbed to 6:2.

Overtime was also needed in the match between Japan and Tanzania, in the regular time there was a 1-1 draw, in extra time Tanzanian players scored two goals, making their fans ecstatic, fans who are one of the most numerous groups in the stands during the city-sharing tournament

The England and Angola national teams had a very close battle, which also needed extra minutes to settle the game, in extra time Heno Adao gave Angola the victory.

Below is a complete set of today's results:


Argentina 0: 4
Uzbekistan - Colombia 4: 1
Iran - Italy 0: 1
Angola - England 0: 0 (E.T. 1: 0)
Haiti - USA 2: 2 (E.T. 6: 2)
Brazil - Poland 2: 1
Japan - Tanzania 1: 1 (E.T. 1: 3)
Turkiye - Mexico 5-0


Iran - Germany 4-0
France - Indonesia 1-0
Ireland - Uruguay 1: 1 (Pen. 4: 3)
Liberia - Spain 2: 1