First three quarter-finals

The first three quarter-finals are behind us, we are waiting for the fourth semi-finalist.

Uzbekistan, Angola and Haiti entered the semi-finals.

In today's first quarter-final, Uzbekistan defeated the Italian team 5: 1 without any problems. For Italians, the performance in the quarter-finals can be considered a huge success, while the Uzbekistan national team, three-time World Champion, showed that she would like to return to the throne again.

In the next match, Haiti defeated Tanzana 4: 1, although the result would be a one-sided match, it was definitely different on the pitch, the Tanzanians repeatedly threatened Haiti's goal. However, what was happening around the pitch deserves special attention, we can boldly call this meeting the most colorful of all, and this is due to the fans who gathered in large numbers to cheer their beloved teams.